Dangerous Discoveries

483 Resplendant Fire 18

Return to the Blue Lady

The companions share the events of the last weeks.
Lady Ragara Syn shares her research about “Vilkata”
– Demon called “Sarru, the twisted words”.
– Twist minds to fullfill summoner’s desires.
– sow treachery and discord all around.
Harbormaster gives word – ‘Red Storm’ is docked
– Captain Chen, supplier for Cynis Wu.
– Red Storm was last seen fleeing Headless Cove.
Doctor and Demi present their tattoo removal technique
– strong acid that burns off the top layer of skin.
Demi scry’s using Laima tattoo
– Runic Circle gathers power under Vendig. Cultists praying
Demi seeks refuge in a bottle

Research the Old City.

Laima and the Doctor pay a visit to the Vendig Cathederal
Try to research old history of Vendig.
Books are not in any logical order, and constant interruptions.
After a fruitless, dusty day in the stacks they leave.
The Doctor notices one acolyte following them.
They find it hard to lose their tail in the winding streets.
Doctor tries to make a run, and get stuck in a crack between two buildings.
The Acolyte/Cultist corners Laima, threatens her
– stop putting your nose where its not wanted, or you might loose it.
Laima throws the “tattoo removal” and strikes his face.
The two run for it, leaving the screaming Cultist in the street…

Secretive Cargo

Mal, Vlad and Hailong pay a visit to the old docks.
Quiet area on north of city, run down and seedy.
They spot Chen, follow him making various deliveries around the Poor quarter.
Vlad takes a high lookout, and cover the others
– there are lookouts around the Ship, watching who pays undue attention.
Hailong gathers some of his ladies and distracts them.
Meanwhile, Mal rows along the river and creeps onboard.
Explores the hold, finds poisons, drugs, crushed spiders, and a locked chest
Silver coins and sealed vials are inside the chest – Mal takes them.
They leave the old docks and join up with Laima and the Doctor.

Petition the City Father.

Aujaq visit the City Father’s sanctum.
Calls out for help – warns about the Cultists beneath the city.
“The undercity is hidden from me, but I will light your way”.

A Dangerous Test

Back in the backroom of the Blue Lady.
Recognize the spider – Rasp Spiders from the east.
– fermented poison acts as a very strong preservative.
– properly diluted and treated, the poison acts as a concentration boost.
Silver coins are coated with a slightly sticky residue.
Drugs are mundane, but the vials are curious.
Vlad gets a pewter plate and some lamp oil – pours a vial into the plate.
The milky liquid looks innocuous, but Vlad and the Doctor draw conclusion..
– sealed and carefully packed – dangerous to handle.
– “Mother’s Milk”, a dangerous demonic poison – feeds plague and death.
Plate is immediately filled with lamp oil and burnt.
Everyone drops the coins, and the remaining vials are destroyed in a smithy!
Laima immediately takes the names of the merchants Chen was dealing with.
Spreads the words – use gloves when counting money, check coins for residue.

483 Resplendant Fire 19



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