The Walls Come Down

483 Resplendant Fire 3

Scouting the Fortress

Arada frustrated. Lesser evil to eliminate Jotuns, than leave them grow.
Arada needs the fortress scouted to determine enemy number.
Ejava sent with a small band of men, with Pyotr+co providing guidance.
Pyotr guides them up the mountainsides rather than through the valley.
Few days of difficult terrain (Laima not used to rough living) avoid Jotunn watchers.
Ejava lends power – makes them slip easily through the foest unseen.
Laima spotted and setupon by a ‘ForestWraith’ elemental guard.
Closly fought, byt they kill it, leaving Hailong heavily wounded.
Ejava eases his wounds, and Pyotr finds a point to climb inside the walls.

They get an overview of the Fortress.
10 Jotun, and 20 of the Forestwraiths.
Spot a Jotunn making “jotunn-sized” armor and rivetting it onto another.

The Trials of Demi

Demi is terrified of the death and killing, wants to free the tattoo’d people.
Wants to test how removing a tattoo will work.
Spends some time trying to find the “most undeserving” of the tied up villages.
Settles on a town drunk and ruffian. Orders Legionaires to drag him out kicking and screaming
Secured in a warehouse, made very drunk, then Demi burns off the tattoo.
After he passes out in pain, Demi orders him killed, then tied up.
He wards the body heavily, and then settles to wait three days for the ghost to rise.
Finds solace in a bottle over those three days…

At midnight on the third day, the hungry ghost arises.
The Legionaires rip it apart, but everyone is shaken.
Demi buries the man, and declares him a hero for his sacrifice.
Demi reports that the burning works – Arada gives permission to continue.

The townsfolk are lined up and left with heavy burns instead of tattoos.
Demi is not happy.

Return to Eisenshmide

Ejava is happy with the information, so orders a return.
They start sneaking back through the hills.
Take cover from an approaching thunderstorm…
Elemental – Thunderbird – descends from the clouds into the fortress.
It leaves carrying a heavy load, and flies north into the mountains.
Pyotr guides them back the fastest way he can find.

General Arada is pleased with the news, and orders a full assault prepared.
Demi scry’s from Laima’s tattoo – sees a vision:
– the Ruined monument of headless cove.
– inside its belly, an enruned pool of glowing water.
– guarded by a green-brass lion.
They recognize the pool – like the one in Siegsdorf.
Laima tells Arada, who orders word taken to the rest of the Legion at the Cove.
– Destroy the anathema relic!

Down come the Walls.

Pyotr joins the legion skirmishes and warstrider – assault the Fortress.
The Warstriders bring down the walls and take on the Jotunn.
The Dragonblooded and skirmishers mop up the Forestwraiths.
The supernatural violence leaves the fortress in ruins.
Pyotr notices some Jotunn expressing panic after their tattoos are smashed off.
Pyotr surveys the ruins, and weeps for his fallen friends.
As the Legionaires are leaving, Pyotr finds a rough map left by the Jotuns.

483 Resplendant fire 13



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