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Ascending Fire 21

Plan of Attack

Want to avoid having thousands of hungry soldiers descend on Vendig
Laima makes plans to buy up foodstuff and ship by barge to Eisenshmide.
Take the armies to land at Headless cove, safe harbourage with loading dock.
Messages sent to merchants and blue lady – profits to be had!
Then they take the plan to General Arada
He’s quite happy with all this planning done for him. Agrees.

Scout in Force

They redezvous with Arada’s fleet and are impressed by the sheer scale of it all
Demi tasked to help maintain Warstriders. Learns about them
Laima tries to make an impression with the soldiers, Arada is pleased with the effort.
Hailong tries to hide from the men that once were hunting him (as a pirate)
The Advance force lands and starts building fort at Healdess Cove.
They need to take Eisenshmide to ensure supplies from Vendig can reach them easily.
Marching a whole army is slow, so Arada puts together a light force
500 skirmishes and 4 Warstriders sent with minimal supplies – forced march.
Takes 3 days to cross the Deshan mountain foothills, and get to Eisenshmide.

The Dragon Roars.

Arada’s scouts see little defense, other than some local guards on the gates.
They want to prevent word getting to the Jotunn for as long as possible.
Hailong will lead a force to the docks, while Laima will point out important people.
Arada orders a full charge – Allow no one to escape!
They descend on the town, Warstriders punch a hole through the walls.
15 Dragonblooded wield power and leap into battle, empowering the soldiers.
Skirmishers swarm through the town, taking townsfolk by surprise.
Townsfolk decimated, Skirmishers take minimal injuries
Those who surrender are tied up and captuered, those who flee are killed.

The Cult of the Old Lords.

Laima tells Arada of the tattoo’d cultists.
Soldiers check prisoners for tattoos, and starts executing them on sight.
Demi is shocked, complains unnecessary slaughter.
Arada “war is hell, everyonesuffers. Anathem endanger Creation!”
Laima and Hailong take a tattoo’d man away, and scare info out of him.
Tattoo was given for ‘special discount’ at The Longhouse. He’s no cultist.
He blames Alina, patron of the Longhouse. She made the offers.
They spy out Alina: another Vilkata…
The dragonbloods capture her.

Sorcerous secrets.

Hailong and Laima are suspicious, so they take tattoo’d man for examination.
Demi recognises patterns: like the strange wards in Kerker,
Also on the Wichtel in Siegsdorf and Creatures working with Hilde.
Also, Laima’s tattoo has same effect, similar symbols in pool under Siegsdorf
Tattoo binds the ghost – channels essence elsewhere.
Hailong is convinced, someone is setting them up.. People killed in town are fuelling some magic… Using people and war in north as distraction.
Demi suspects burning tattoo off will fix issue, needs to experiment on someone and wait for hungry ghost to appear.
They tell Arada about what this tattoo can do: he’s pissed.
Brought an army to kill the enemy, now has to avoid killing the enemy.

Gets sorceror to send messages to legions; Dig in, capture cultists.

Trio send message to Vlad: Send burn medication, do not kill tattoo’d people, their death fuels enemy. Enemy probably not in the north but hidden in plain sight.

Resplendent Fire 2.



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