Historical News

Descending Earth 12

Smoky meetings

All meet back in the Blue Lady, trying to work out what should be done.
Some main things are decided after much back and forth.
- Ragara and the Realm must be informed about the Rise of the Old Lords (Anathema)
- Qheen Marlene needs to be informed about the Jotun invasion and slaughter in the north.
- Birgit (archaeologist) must be questioned about the ruins.
- Investigate the ‘Icewalker’ ruins under Reiherheim.

The Realm Moves

Laima, Hailong and the Doctor pay a visit to Lady Ragara Syn.
Hailong leads the discussion – Shows one of the “tattoed men” from Eisenshmiede.
Lady Syn agrees that Anathema are dangerous – promises to move mountains to get the Realm to act.
Asks Hailong to pass on a message to the King of Belicht – the Realm will act.

They all travel to Reiherheim

Hell hath no Fury

Aujac, Pyotr, and theDoctor pay an early visit to the Queen and Regina.
The qheen is overjoyed that they returned, and eager for news.
The inform her that the garrison has been slaughtered, and Jotuns have invaded.
The Doctor warns that Ragara has been informed of this already…
- Marlene is angry, but thanks the Doctor for this news.
Hailong enters to give his news – The “Realm Deliberative” sends a message – we are coming.
Marlene is obviously furious the the Realms is (again) ignoring her soverignity…
Leaves suddenly in the middle of the audience. Baron Giles dismisses them all, and runs after the queen.

Dark Words

Demi, Laima and Vlad go to the Reiherheim Academy to do research.
The Old Lords have scant information…
- A group of Anathema who conquered the The Deshan Peninsula
- Many ruins are around Belicht and the surrounding lands.
- Siegsdorf, Headless Cove and others were rules by “Lord Kullervo – The thousand veils of Vengeance”
- The Heptagram (realm sorcery acadamy) took many artifacs from Siegsdorf.
- The Temple of Reiherheim was a Monument of the Lords, deemed inactive.
- The 7 Lords had a “king”, which they assassinated before turning on each other.
- Myths talk of a war by Dragon-Bloods which killed many of the Lords. A body was returned to Belicht…
The Pyramid has little information
- It was a holy site for the ‘Icewalkers’ before the people of Belicht (Northmen) came.
- The Northmen built Reiherheim around the Temple – on command of the Silver Heron.
- The Palace of Reiherheim is build on top of the now broken pyramid.
- No entrance had ever been found – only scattered writing which hadn’t been translated.

h3. Harsh Words

Laima, Vlad and the Doctor go to interrogate Birgit.
She’s being kept in “The Hightower”. Captain of the Guard under orders to allow no one to enter.
He’s convinced to drag Birgit out for a short, supervised, talk.
- She is continuing her research from prison.
- Believed the pyramid was a monument to the Lords – historical find!
- There is a way to enter when the light of the full moon falls on the west walls
- Shocked when told an Anathema may be buried in inside.
- Disturbing the dead raises hungry ghosts -An anathema hungry ghost would be terrifying.
- Her notebook and maps are with Anders – making an expedition tonight

Descending Earth 14.



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