Secrets and Seductions

Resplendant Earth 8

Blood will Flow

  • As the snows and frost are melting away, Laima Mal and Hailong are diving into planning for their busineses.
  • Aujaq and the Doctor both begin sparring practice (more running for the Doctor…)
  • The annual “melt festival” begins in Vendig. ‘As the waters run, so must blood for the harvest to prosper’
  • House Ragara (and Lady Ragara Soras Syn) sponsor many of the festivities.
  • Hailong and Aujaq participate in a number of arena fights.
  • Lady Syn (after investigating backgrounds) calls Mal and Laima to talk about a possible deal.
  • She wants some heavy goods smuggled into Vendig, very cagey about contents.
  • Mal and Hailong agree to the extra smuggling as a “favor” to Ragara.
  • Hailong sweeps in and seduces Lady Syn – able to get more information from her.
  • - The Scarlet Empress has gone missing, Houses are nervous and shifting assets around
  • - Ragara is strengthing its influence in the north of the Blessed Isle.
    Vilkata and Laima see great potential in this rising unrest.

Royal Seduction

  • They travel north to Reiherheim to visit Queen Malene
  • The Doctor and Aujaq hatch a plan to seduce the queen (copying Hailong’s efforts)
  • Aujaq is dressed in the finest Reiherheim fashions and perfumes.
  • They meet with the queen, and the Doctor “reveals” snippets of information about Ragara.
  • The Queen hates foreign influence in Belicht, orders the Doctor to uncover more.
  • Aujaq tries his seduction – touring the city with the queen.
  • He becomes more infatuated with the queen and her inquiries about Icewalker history/traditions.
  • Aujaq learns of a Realm Slaver ‘Master Keone’ who is despised by Malene… And aims to remove him to please the queen

A Noble Investigation

  • Mal, Hailong and Laima investigate the Iron Mines of House Bauen.
  • They meet with Chancellor Giles, talk about the responsibilites of Nobility, and how Bauen is failing.
  • Allowed to research the Noble lineage – Bauen is a bought title from a second son…
  • Frederick, son of the eldest has a stronger claim – but is a town guard unaware of heritage.
  • Mal tracks down this drunken guard – who owes money to rought sorts.
  • Mal buys out the debts and they find where Frederick lives.
  • Laima sends the wife and child to a fancy hotel, and the others clean up the hovel…
  • Frederick is ‘convinced’ to bring his claim to the Royal Court in exchange for being setup in Vendig.
  • Frederick Bauen is moved to Vendig and setup with a monthy stipend.
  • The Blue Dragon Benevolent Association now owns title to an Iron Mine in Blutberg.

Resplendant Earth 18



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