Return to Headless Cove

Year 438, the 8th of Ascending Earth – Storm Season

Stormy Seasons

  • Storm Season has been slowly coming to a close.
  • Birgit is currently rotting in Queen Malene’s dungeons
  • The East Belict Trading Company now has a core of experienced sailors and a number of ships.
  • Still hemmoraging money because of the need to hire crews constantly.
  • The Doctor has been trying to visit the Queen regularly and be helpful
  • The King is suffering from “Painter’s Colic”, with worsening palsy and bouts of madness
  • Pyotr and Vlad have been investigating the stories from Bosewald and the mountains.
  • Northbound caravans have been dissappearing, stories of giants in the forests.
  • Pyotr’s old unit, ’Hase’s Rangers’, have been called up to a northern Border-Fortress.

Early Celebrations?

  • Mal and Hailong invest in the East Belict Trading Company – buy an extra ship and begin outfitting.
  • Hailong accepts the deal with Lady Ragara Syn.
  • Hailong throws a celebration for the company at the new regular shipment contract!
  • When the others go over the fine print they realise the deal was a little too good
  • …as a missed delivery would mean loss of the company and being sold into slavery
  • They travel to Siegsdorf to meet with Captain Heinrich, convince him to join up with the EBTC.
  • Extra ship and regular payment is very appealing.

Voice of the Statue

  • Vlad, concerned with unanswered questions, leads an outing back to Headless Cove
  • The found the abandoned pirate base behind the statue – evidence of demon worship.
  • They go back into the old Manse, and examine the puzzle-wall.
  • Hailong, Pyotr, and Mal all start hearing the praying voice… The Doctor still doesn’t hear anything.
  • The voice recites the saga’s of the “first ones”.. and realizes it has an audience.
  • Everyone runs as the voice starts trying to address them.

Back in Vendig

  • Vlad and Mal investigate Lady Ragara Syn.
  • She’s been making social appearances when invited, but brings 2 demon bodyguards (Baidak)
  • Hailong is approached with information from the companion Neishin.
  • There are way more Ragara soldiers in Vendig than are publicly known…

Ascending Earth 15



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