Return to Vendig

Year 438, the 22nd of Descending Water – Storm Season

A formal affair

  • Laima and Hailong pay a visit to Ragara Syn.
  • Very formal affair, with bodyguards, a speaker and Realm sensibilities.
  • Lady Ragara Syn is a Air aspected dragon-blood, relatively young though.
  • Everyone is very nervous. Guards on edge in Vendig.
  • Long discussions about the trade problems and who might be involved.
  • Lady Syn doesn’t care about local laws or customs – she is here to restore trade.
  • Hailong and Laima offer to restore trade – Lady Syn gives them a month before she acts herself.
  • Ragara “bodyguards” are currently on a ship to Vendig

Mysterious Requests

  • Demi is back from Kerker, after having learnt much from the sorceror-ghost Margarethe
  • Metzalar Ricardo is unhappy and tense – not amused by Demi’s afectations.
  • Demi reports on the Doctor’s activities, and the success in Kerker
  • Ricardo is unimpressed “dont care for value to others, I care about value for me!”
  • Demi is given a new problem – allow people to travel without the protection of the Church Wardens.
  • Demi knows how to make some enchanted mobile warding devices – but expensive.
  • Ricardo hands over silver and orders 10.

Plans at the Blue Lady.

  • The Companion Neishin is making herself at home in the Blue Lady.
  • Hailong and Laima deep in discussions about possibilities…
  • Demi comes to ask for some exotic supplies from Hailong, which will need to be smuggled in.
  • Laima interested in Ricardo’s requests.
  • Hailong and Laima have been investigating – Ricardo owns 8 trade ships.
  • They need 4 ships and crews to make weekly deliveries
  • Ships are a sellers market right now, and they need some ships fast…

Bait and Switch

  • Laima starts flaunting her wealth and telling stories about a trade trip to Chanos.
  • Hailong makes sure Captain Raddim and his crew get word of the “trip”
  • Hailong also hires a bunch of local thugs and pit-fighters as ‘meat shields’
  • They invite Lady Syn for a private meeting onboard.
  • She considers request for help – a deniable loan of 20 men is acceptable to her.
  • They are arriving in a week, they will meet the ship offshore outside of town.

Demon Pirates?

  • Things go as planned, and they are accosted by the “Nymphy’s Fancy” a few days outside Vendig.
  • The pirates are… Different. Show signs of deformities/mutations.
  • In a close battle, half the crew and all the meat shields are killed – Ragara forces are decisive.
  • A watcher is in the rigging, it is attacked by a shadowy demon…
  • Captain Raddim and a few pirate flee by taking to the water – swim rapidly away.
  • The ship is searched – ’Mother’s Blood’ and a small altar to demons is found.
  • Hailong’s two ships limp back to Vendig with a skeletal crew.



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