Rumours Spread

Year 438, the 10th of Resplendant Water – Storm Season

Months have passed since the events at Kerker Hall, and life seems to be returning to normal… maybe.

Mal and Vlad realise their weakness in the face of unnatural aggression, and through Vlad’s contacts with the Church of the Silver Heron, are allowed to spar with the acolytes of the Order of the Crimson Cloak – the warriors devoted to the Silver Heron. Over the winter they slowly become less embarrased to draw steel in their presence.

Pyotr meanwhile has taken refuge in the snow filled forests, but even here he is not at ease. More of the foresters and hunters are finding excuses to spend less time in the deep Bosewald forests, and stories of strange creatures lurking keeps people on edge.

Troubled times

  • Mal’s contacts talk about rising courier prices – the roads are becoming less safe
  • Remote hamlets found burnt, more bandits and other worse things in the forests.
  • Vlad pays attention to signs, more people are praying to the Gods, and the wards are wearing out sooner.
  • Vlad buys a sword from the famed swordsmith Ulfbert of Vendig. Pays a small fortune!
  • Mal and Vlad train with the devotees of the Order of the Scarlet Cloak (thans to Vlad’s church connections)
  • On meeting Pyotr they share news – Wichtel a growing problem in the forests around Siegsdorf.

A new superstition

  • Siegsdorf has renewed vigour after the attack – better fortified, more town guard. Scarlet Cloak acolytes at the temple.
  • The weekly trips of the ‘Crouching Tiger’ have continued, with the sailors bonding into a crew.
  • Mal and Vlad notice the crew casting signs of protection wheneverthey pass the Broken Tooth tower in Siegsdorf.
  • They investigate why – a place of “demonic influence” the locals say… Ruins from before the Wyld Wars.
  • The superstition only started recently – from the crew of the Crouching Tiger!
  • The round up the crew – two sailors admit to having gone in.
  • After threats of dismissal, they reveal they entered for loot with Hailong, the Icewalker and the Lady Waarches.

Forgotten Temples.

  • The three make their way under Teufel’s workshop to the (now open) doorway.
  • Find the rotting carcass of a Blood Ape.
  • Vlad tries to translate the inscriptions.
    • “The Domain of the God-Queen of Wrath, in reverence to the Mother of Waters”
    • Faded murals show scenes of conquest and massacre.
    • Vlad is drawn by a image of six glowing people and their sign.
  • They explore the catacombs – and discover this was once an exposed tower…
  • Following dusty prints into the depths – locked beast, shrine to the “Mother”.
  • Find the deep Temple. Meet the demon guardian – Vlad tries to understand its strange dialect.
    • Nctosa the daughter of moving waters – is pleased to meet new people
  • Vlad is uneasy, but lowers his sword
  • Pyotr rushes in to ‘rescue’ Vlad. Mal is entranced by the disturbing beauty…
  • They all flee – Vlad vows to find a final solution to this new demon problem.



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