Book from Hell

Where the unemployed become sailors

  • Vlad and Mal seek out a crew for the ‘Crouching Tiger’
  • News of trouble in Reiherheim – rivver crews looking for work.
  • Mal and Vlad hire a small crew of 5 for a short trip – good pay, easy coastal journey
  • Laima hires half a dozen bodyguards.
  • When loading the ship, Icewalker Shaman (Aujaq) comes to join
  • They burn thehide of the Simhata that murdered the last crew… (Spirits not impressed)

Where a town prepares for celebrations.

  • The journey is fast and surprisingly uneventful. Good winds
  • Met at the docks by the Merchant Rimbaux, he’s prepared accomodations.
  • Vlad leads them to talk to the local priest – Father Alte.
  • Alte proudly shows off the new cathederal – with stained glass and an attached school.
  • Laima sends the priest away – they look at the books – T’he Abyssic Guide vol1’ is there
  • Aujaq sees the city father spirit inspecting his new home – Proud warrior ‘Angel’
  • Vlad goes to warn Alte about the book – he promises to keep an eye on it.

Where we settle into a new town.

  • Vlad tries to meet his brother – the glassworks are closed.
  • Laima meets with Rimbaux – makes an investment.
  • Mal goes for drinks with the crew to celebrate.
  • Aujaq stays on the ship – notes movement in the water.
  • Follows, finds ‘Wichtel’ entering the city.
  • Briefly ambushes one – its wearing armor and carrying weapons! Runs away.

Where we visit the Blessing Fair

  • Aujaq mentions the Wichtel to the others – they scoff at the idea
  • Wichtel are just vermin
  • They wander around the town fair – Vlad meets his brother Teufel
  • Some family issues – but Teufel is getting married!
  • Invitation to all for evening dinner.

Wyld War returns to Siegsdorf

  • The big blessing event, City Father makes an appearance.
  • Chaotic attacks begin, scattered around the town square.
  • Wichtel randomly attacking townfolk and setting fires
  • City Father gets mad and goes to help.
  • The group turle behind their mercenaries.
  • Vlad spots a Wichtel on a demon dog attacking a nobleman -goes to intervene.
  • Aujaq and Mal protect Vlad while he tries to banish the demon,
  • Demon finally leaves after Koda (Aujak’s guide spirit) gets in on the action.
  • Nobleman is effusive in his thanks.
  • Laima and a pair of guards uses interruption to make for the Church library
  • Interrupt a woman looting the library – leading a band of Wichtel
  • She sends her band to kill Laima.
  • Laima flees, but looses her guards to the Wichtel and Demon Dog.
  • Vlad and the others deal with 2 other Demons and Wichtel bands
  • When they arrive at the library, it is an inferno.

Where suspicions grow.

  • All meet back at the ‘Crouching Tiger’
  • Share stories.
  • They ask about the happenings in the church – Laima is evasive and everyone realises it.



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