Dead men tell no tales

Where their trip is fraught with danger

  • The three take a boat to Reiherheim, the board a stagecoach to Kerker.
  • Around 60 miles away – 4 days by coach along the roads winding through the forests
  • Joined by a merchant – selling fine cloth and amulets.
  • Demi learns about the worsening trade in Kerker – town is dying.
  • Very narrowly avoid meeting with hungry ghosts and creatures of the woods

Unfriendly Welcome

  • They arrive in the tiny village, overlooked by a ruined castle
  • Locals give them the cold shoulder “damned strangers”
  • The Doctor is met by Agatha Gruft – young daughter of Professor Gruft
  • Settle in to the local Inn – Tarnished Cauldron
  • Pyotr tries to talk with the locals, sharing stories – bad reaction from locals
  • Local Karl (one handed) berates them for “their soft city habits”

Where the locals show their superstitions

  • Next morning the funeral is held.
  • Interrupted by Karl and his gang of malcontentants-
  • Don’t want Professor Gruft buried with the “decent folk” of the town.
  • The Doctor berates them and shames them into moving aside.

Where we learn about the Professor’s past.

  • The will is read out – Doctor asked to help Agatha settle into town properly.
  • Doctor is asked to return some “unsavory” books to the University of Reiherheim.
  • The books are a collection of tomes on the Dead, Underworld, and Necromancy…
  • On reading the Professor’s journal, we learn he was chasing a cult
  • His last entry was going to investigates events at the ruined Kerker Hall. Killed?
  • The Doctor decides to keep the Tomes, and give other books to the university.

Where we try to make friends with the locals

  • Pyotr investigates the surrounding forest – timid animals and wild plants.
  • Starts hunting wild game and bringing to local butcher – who is very happy!
  • Demi ingratiates himself with the local gossipmongers. Learns some town history.
    • Kerker Hall was a prison meant for the most dangerous in Belicht
    • Town grew around it – guards’ families and supporting trades
    • Prison riot barely stopped by self sacrifice of the Warden – accidental fire
    • In the 20 years since, the town is dying off, and the Hall is haunted.

Uncanny events begin in town.

  • Bloody letter “M” defaces monument of Kerken Hall Warden
  • Pyotr tracks down footprints – leads to Town Guard Deputy’s house.
  • Deputy doesn’t know what happened (really) and goes to investigate.
  • Doctor suspicious and checks on Professor’s grave.
  • One of the dead digs itself out – panic..
  • Pyotr distracts it – arrows don’t seem to do much but annoy it.
  • Demi tries to get help from town, but his calls misunderstood as “scared foreigner”…
  • The Doctor manages to eventually burn it – while spilling burning oil on Pyotr.



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