Vendig Intrigue

Ascending Air 22nd, year 473

Where concerns are raised in the Senex household

  • Bishop Aldus Senex talks to his son after mass.
  • Vlad’s brother Teufel is missing in Siegsdorf – rumours of impropriety
    • Running with “the wrong crowd”, involved with wrong women..
  • Aldus wants real news, not rumours, asks Vlad to pay a visit.
  • Vlads wants word on who might be summoning demons.
  • Laima overhears, and offers to help by tracking down sales of “banned books”.

Where reputation grows in the Blue Lady

  • News arrives that Captain Raddim and the “Nymph’s Fancy” is back in town
  • Hailong and Mal pay a visit, and ‘convince’ the 1st mate to pay a visit.
  • Mal notices hte Captain and crew gearing up for a fight and following
    • ○ Mal runs for the town watch.
  • Hailong and 1st Mate ‘Ghost’ talk about smuggling, which results in drawn swords.
  • Captain Raddim and crew burst in.
  • Mal, with Corporal Mörhe burst in with the night watch in tow.
  • Hailong scares the Captain into “playing friendly”, weapons go away.
  • After the guard and crew leave, Raddim and Ghost threaten repercussions, and leave.

In which Mal takes an unorthodox ride.

  • Mal is trying to delay the “Nymph’s Fancy” from leaving.
  • Sees a wagon pull up, cloaked man makes a payment to the Captain.
  • Boxes are transfered. Mal rides along underneath.
  • Boxes left at the ‘abandoned’ ruined castle in the Thieves Quarter.
  • Wagon then goes on a roundabout trip through town – ending at the house of Bauer.

A meeting in the Night

  • Laima gives news that ‘The Abyssic Guide vol1’ has been sold in Siegsdorf
  • Hailong, Mal and Laima plan to run a sting to catch Ricardo’s criminal acts.
  • Vlad is reticent to be involved.
  • Hope to reveal to House Ragara and gain their favor (and keep them out of Vendig)?



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