Imperial Piracy

Ascending Air 10th, year 473

Where we encounter some suspicious merchants

• Hailong and Mal notice “Merchants” behaving odd at the ‘Blue Lady’
• Hailong distracts, while Mal goes to search their ship.
• ’Danaan’s Favor’ is a disguised fast ship – not a real merchant.
• Mal sneaks onboard and takes some suspicious papers – gets noticed on the way out
• Chase through the streets looses the Merchant’s guard.

Where Hailong finds some business opportunities.

• Mal and Hailong examine to stolen goods.
• Left behind was a House Ragara Military uniform (armor and swords)
• Stolen log page of travels ~10 days travel time from home port to Vendig.
• Highly secured (failed) letter to captain – secret orders? Written in High Realm (noble’s language)
• A small private journal of the captain (Ragara Syn Hae)
• A couple of bags of jade coins !!! (buy a ship with this!)
• Demi translates the journal and orders.
• Lady Ragara Syn has ongoing trade with Ricardo Bauen. She has lost too many shipments.
• Suspicion that Ricardo is cheating her – sent Captain Hae to investigate.
• Captain has bought property – Lady Syn is planning to pay a visit.
• Hailong sees business opportunities – contacts Lady Laima Waarches

In which a devious plan is formulated

• Hailong meets with Laima to offer some information.
• Laima has a longstanding grudge with Ricardo Bauen – wants to burn him.
• Bauen family has had a suspiciously fast rise to power and riches.
• They hatch a plan to bring down the Bauens – uncover illegal activities.

• Laima goes to a Metzalar council meeting and gives a speech singing the virtues of Ricardo. Makes many of the other Metzalar very amused… And one of Ricardo’s aides very uncomfortable.

• Hailong compares the “lost shipments” to ships in Vendig – Captain Raddim of ’Nymph’s Fancy’ shows up as a suspicious character – not a real merchant.

A ship is given a new lease on life.

• Hailong and Vlad meet at the dock and corner the Harbormaster.
• The ship that brought in the Simhata is still occupying space – Vlad pays to “take care of it”.
• Vlad and Hailong organise a shipyard to refit it.
• Hailong pays off the Harbormaster to inform him when the ’Nymph’s Fancy’ is in port.

Where a demonic plot is uncovered.

• Vlad and Pyotr pay a visit to the possessed child & family.
• Vlad lays out the bones and wooden toy collected over the weeks – and carries out a surprisingly fast exorcism.
• Demon wails about “unable to finish it’s task”and “The master will be revenged”.
• Pyotr noticed a familiar (and ominous) smell of wet fur and coppery blood, reminding him of the loss of his brother.
• Vlad then finishes the Exorcism by attacking the incorporeal demon until it returns to Malfeas.



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