A Woody Problem

Start of of Ascending Air, year 473 after the Illustrous Founding of Vendig

In which the Doctor makes preparations…

  • Doctor has been living with Vladof for the last week
  • Investigating wood spiders – they like poison and other natural toxins
    • Also very poisonous themselves
  • Vladof isn’t tha interested in this problem…
  • They pay a visit to Demi’s store “The Acrane Couldron” for antivenom.
  • Demi happily chats to her good customer Vlad, and hints “happy you are settling down!”
  • Makes a great batch (2 doses) of Munificent Antivenin with the help of the Doctor.

In which we find a mysterious threat.

  • Mal spends time watching Waarches household.
  • Following the handmaiden Vilkata on her talks with shady people.
  • Mal’s contacts afraid talk about those hooded, shady people.
    • Don’t ask, for your own good.
  • Hears about an estranged Waarches daughter north. One of the militant faithful
  • Sends a note to contacts to ask for reason of estrangement..

Where spiders cause a woody problem…

  • The Doctor leads Pyotr and Vladof back to her estate.
  • Beginning to show signals decay and fungal growths
  • Doctor enters house and tells spiders to leave.. (Or else: Pyotr)
  • Not impressed, spiders threaten back..
  • Pyotr and Doctor try to burn down the house, wet fungus overgrown fires.
  • Make a hasty retreat, Doctor bitten – shoulder starts to turn wooden.
  • Antivenin used, leaves her vomiting, sweating and weak, but alive.
  • Head back to Vendig.

Where we pay a visit to church.

  • Mal takes a ship upriver to Reiherheim.
  • Spots lady Regina at prayers, waits till finished to introduce himself.
  • Regina is worried about her mother, hates Vilkata the handmaiden.
  • Shares the rumours – bad things “happen” to mother’s opponents,
  • Regina suspects Vilkata, who’s been around since mother’s childhood.
  • Mal agrees to help Regina in her efforts. He’s suspicious of Vilkata too.
  • She blesses him – she glows with a faint aura a moonlight.

In which thoughts of vengeance lead astray.

  • The Doctor comes clean to Demi – her spider troubles.
  • Unable to pay – needs things to drive off wood spiders.
  • Can’t pay for ingredients though.
  • Demi introduces to her patron – Lord Ricardo – newest member of Metzalar.
  • Doctor convinces Ricardo that the wood spider infestation is a threat to Vendig.
  • He agrees to fund Demi and provide some men and wagons to retrieve Doctor’s goods
    • So long as Doctor lives in town and works for him.



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